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Episode #54 - The Batman/Superman Story, Part 2
Original Airdate - September 29th, 2007

The finale (of the two-parter) finds Superman under the control of LexLuthor, courtesy of Poison Ivy's hypnotic spores. Batman and Robin must free Superman from his trance and halt Luthor's diabolical plan.

Review by The Penguin
Media provided by Warner Bros. Animation
Written by Steve Cuden
Directed by Christopher Berkeley
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Rino Romano as The Batman/Bruce Wayne
Evan Sabara as Robin/Dick Grayson
George Newbern as Clark Kent/Superman
Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
Lex Lang as Clayface/Metallo
Gwendoline Yeo as Mercy


Screen Grabs

So where were we? Ah yes, the evil, glowing green eyes of Superman.

The plant spores/Kryptonite dust gave us our own mini 'Batman vs. Superman' and it came off pretty well. The Batman made use of everything he had and Lucius Fox's robotic suit really held its own against the super-powered alien. This was obviously a lot tougher fight than the old Bat-Bot had against Bane and The Joker. In the end it was The Batman using brains rather than brawn, to end the conflict. The first episode had more of the set-up and this one was heavy on the action and it was a lot of fun to watch.

It's common knowledge that every good evil plan involves giant robots (it helps if the robots are evil too) and matching Lex Luthor up against both the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, it posed a strong challenge for the two.

We saw classic Lex Luthor once his plan was revealed; Lex doing what he believes is best for everyone, but only if it is on his terms and his terms only. I liked how it played into the events of The Joining, making this arc a continuation of the last story while still standing on its own. That kind of story telling is something you often see from a regular network series, and it's great to see that on Saturday morning as well.

Achieving a joint victory seems to have linked Batman and Superman by a bond stronger than simple respect for what the other does. Their cities may be 'sisters' and now their heroes are brothers.

"I guess teamwork does have its advantages."


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