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Episode #56 - White Heat
Original Airdate - October 13th, 2007

Firefly becomes even more powerful when an accident turns him into Phosphorus, a superhot villain who ultimately threatens a nuclear power plant.

Review by The Penguin
Media provided by Warner Bros. Animation
Written by Joseph Kuhr
Directed by Vinton Heuck
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by Dong Woo Animation

Rino Romano as The Batman/Bruce Wayne
Evan Sabara as Robin/Dick Grayson
Danielle Judovits as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Alastair Duncan as Alfred
Jason Marsden as Firefly
Rachael MacFarlane as Blaise
Zachary Throne as Anchor/Doctor


Screen Grabs


"Thanks for getting the name right, Batman, but I'm not Firefly anymore. With your last breath, call me Phosphorus!"

In appearance number four, Firefly finally grows into a well-developed character. He wasn't a poor character before, but you didn't really know Garfield Lynns that well. You didn't even know his real name. A second-tier villain on the show, you find out that Firefly is second-tier villain in Gotham too, with most not even knowing what he calls himself. In a world dominated by Jokers and Penguins, Firefly has been nothing but a hired (flaming) gun and finally sees an opportunity to make a name for himself with his new business and personal partnership with Blaze.

This was a fun ride from start to finish with the devolution and evolution of a villain, some great action, a little Alfred wit ("...perhaps I could let out the shoulders?"), Robin-Batgirl bickering within tolerable levels, a new Bat-costume variant and even a decent love story. Jason Marsden shows his range in an excellent performance as Firefly/Phosphorus. You really feel him descend from his happiness with where his life is headed at the beginning, to his madness and quest for power in the middle, to his despair over where he has ended up at the conclusion.

Once he is able to cool down, he finds himself among Batman's "pathetic Arkham wack jobs" and burned (sorry) by the woman he seemed to actually care about. He finally got the attention he wanted, but he's not Firefly anymore, he's not Garfield Lynns either. Only Phosphorus remains.


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