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Episode #59 - Ring Toss
Original Airdate - December 8th, 2007

In a moment of desperation, Green Lantern commands his ring to fly to Batman, only to have it intercepted by the Penguin.

Review by The Penguin
Media provided by Warner Bros. Animation
Written by Len Uhley
Directed by Christopher Berkely
Music by Thomas Chase Jones
Animation by Dongwoo Animation Co., LTD.

Rino Romano as The Batman/Bruce Wayne
Evan Sabara as Robin / Dick Grayson
Alastair Duncan as Alfred
Dermot Mulroney as Green Lantern
Miguel Ferrer as Sinestro*
Tom Kenny as The Penguin
Zach Shada as Boy

* - Credited as "The Joker"


Screen Grabs


"You're supposed to have my ring!"
"I never got it."

The Justice League team-ups continue with Green Lantern getting in on the Gotham City action. There is a little bit less of a contrast in attitudes here, but Batman and Lantern are not 'two peas in a pod' either. The two had different ways of going about things and there was some tension, but they are indeed both stubborn. Out of all the heroes we have met, Batman and Green Lantern seem to be the best match. I think Robin would agree; it was fun watching him get so excited over meeting the third possible 'green' Justice League member.

The always working, yet little recognized Dermot Mulroney gave a very strong performance as Hal Jordan. Fans of the character have been waiting for their favorite test pilot to appear for more than a brief moment in modern DC animation and I would have to say that I was impressed. Of course the guest hero does not get to be the focus, but that's to be expected.

Miguel Ferrer's voice was almost unrecognizable as Sinestro. In other animated appearances you could tell it was him, but here I almost wondered if I had the wrong info until I listened very closely. Ferrer was evil and cold as Sinestro attempted to accomplish his task of gaining a second power ring and he wouldn't allow anything to stop him.

"I wish this came with instructions."

The Penguin did seem somewhat out of place in this story, but his comedic contrast was almost necessary in the face of the dark-hearted former Green Lantern. One of Gotham's more hardened criminals would not have filled this role well. If Joker or Black Mask had found the ring I doubt they would have given it up to Batman in order to save their own skin. Penguin was more than happy to turn over the power ring when his beak was on the line.


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