Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Ben Jones On Upcoming “Batman: The Brave and The Bold” Animated Series

“I wouldnt mind trying to allay some of the fears expressed on various message boards,” Batman: The Brave and The Bold director Ben Jones told The World’s Finest. “First, there will be an element of comedy, but that doesnt mean that were skimping on the action.

“Were trying as hard as we can to make sure the action will be as amazing and exciting as any previous incarnation of the Batman,” he added.

Jones wanted to assure fans that the series won’t be making fun of Batman, but will instead tell stories about him in a slightly lighter style.

“Character-wise, Batman is still the same gruff perfectionist that hes been for the last twenty-five or so years,” says Jones. “Everyone here is a Batman fan too, so we want to do right by him.”

While he doesn’t want to spill any specific details just yet, Jones says that fans will be excited about both the approach the show will take and vast amount of characters that will be appearing.

“Im excited about what were doing on the show,” says Jones. “The geek in me wants to spend all day going on and on about how cool it is to have certain characters or actors in the show, or some of the cool stories were doing.”

Stay tuned for more on Batman: The Brave and The Bold coming soon.

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“Batman: The Brave and The Bold” Set To Premiere March 2009

Originally announced last week as a fall debut, Cartoon Network will set to premiere Batman: The Brave and The Bold in March 2009 premiere to provide a larger window for episode production. However, the network’s schedule is subject to change without notice, so stay tuned for further updates.

Voice recording is currently underway for Batman: The Brave and The Bold, and writers for upcoming series include Todd Casey, Jim Krieg, Steve Melching, and Matt Wayne.

Click here to read the formal announcement for Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Stay tuned for further updates.

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“Batman: The Brave and The Bold” Officially Announced, Images Included

Cartoon Network announced their plans for the 2008-2009 television season, including early details on the new Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series. The show, scheduled to premiere fall 2008, is greenlit for at least 26 half-hour episodes. Batman: The Brave and The Bold is set to carry both new character designs and a mix of voice talent both familiar and new to The Dark Knight.

Cartoon Network provided the following description of the series, as seen below.

Batman isn’t going at it alone this time! From Warner Bros. Animation comes the latest interpretation of the Batman franchise. Our caped crusader is teamed up with heroes from across the DC Universe, delivering nonstop action and adventures with a touch of comic relief. Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and countless others will get a chance to uphold justice alongside Batman. Though still based in Gotham, Batman will frequently find himself outside city limits, facing situations that are both unfamiliar and exhilarating. With formidable foes around every corner, Batman will still rely on his stealth, resourcefulness and limitless supply of cool gadgets to bring justice home.

James Tucker and Linda M. Steiner will produce, with Sam Register acting as executive producer. Michael Jelenic will handle story editor duties. Other creators include line producer Amy McKenna, story editor Michael Jelenic and directors Ben Jones, Brandon Vietti and Michael Chang.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold is scheduled to air on Fridays this fall. More details on the new animated series will be announced shortly.

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“Batman: The Brave And The Bold” Is The Next DC Comics-Inspired Animated Series

The World’s Finest has learned that the next DC Comics inspired cartoon will be called Batman: The Brave and The Bold While Cartoon Network will not confirm these details at this time, The World’s Finest has learned that the The Brave And The Bold animated series will center around Batman teaming up with a different DC superhero in each episode. The series will also apparently have no ties to any previous animated incarnations. Batman: The Brave And The Bold is rumored to premiere next fall though, once again, nothing is confirmed at this time.

News on this upcoming animated series should start trickling out soon. Stay tuned for further developments.

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