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“Legion of Super Heroes” Episode Schedule Update

According to the network, there are no new episodes of Legion of Super Heroes currently scheduled during the first three Saturdays of February.

The schedule features the following episodes:

February 2nd, 2008 – “The Karate Kid”
February 9th, 2008 – “Who Am I?”
February 16th, 2008 – “Unnatural Alliances”

Stay tuned for more Legion of Super Heroes Updates!

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Animated DC Comics Shipping in April 2008

The comic information for The Batman Strikes!, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go! can be found in their respective subsites here at The World’s Finest. The above three titles, as well as information for Legion of Super Heroes In The 31st Century, can be found also on the The DC Animation Forum. Click here to view the solicitation information.

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