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“Batman: The Animated Series” Mini-Marathon On Jetix

The Disney-owned channel Jetix will run six Batman: The Animated Series episodes in a three hour block on Sunday, running from 6pm (ET) to 9pm (ET). The episodes featured in the mini-marathon are listed, as seen below.

6:00pm – “Pretty Poison”
6:30pm – “The Cat and The Claw, Part One”
7:00pm – “The Cat and The Claw, Part Two”
7:30pm – “Eternal Youth”
8:00pm – “The Laughing Fish”
8:30pm – “Cat Scratch Fever”

The Batman: The Animated Series mini-marathon starts this Sunday at 6pm (ET). Stay tuned for further updates.

“Gotham Girls” Web-Series Coming to DVD

Birds of Prey: The Complete Series is scheduled to hit DVD on July 15th, 2008, and, according to Warner Home Video, will contain all three seasons of the Gotham Girls web-series as bonus material.

Birds of Prey aired on The WB network, now The CW, for a single season of thirteen episodes from 2002 – 2003 before succumbing to low-ratings despite a top-rated debut. Gotham Girls, the in-continuity web-series, premiered on www.gothamgirls.com in 2000 before ending after the third season in 2002.

For more information on Gotham Girls, check out The World’s Finest‘s own sub-site devoted to Gotham Girls.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Issue #46 The Last For “Justice League Unlimited” Comic

The issue, written by Matt Wayne with art by Carlo Barberi, will focus on John Stewart and his fellow Green Lanterns as they search to uncover a traitor.

Cover art and further details will be released next week when DC Comics announces their June-shipping titles.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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