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The DTV That Could Have Been – “The Batman Versus Hush”

Countless projects are shut down at various stages of production. Whether it’s just after the initial idea pitch or early into design work, etc., some productions just aren’t able to make it for one reason or another. This is a brief look at The Batman Versus Hush, a Direct-To-Video feature that could have been.

It’s no secret that Jeff Matsuda, one of the lead creators behind The Batman, is friends with comic book scribe Jeph Loeb. It’s also no secret that Matsuda has talked to Loeb on more than one occasion about introducing the character Hush into The Batman mythos. Who’s Hush? Hush was a character Loeb introduced in the popular Batman comic book storyline “Hush” in the early 2000s. After the success of the The Batman Versus Dracula DTV, it seemed like another The Batman DTV was inevitable. And, actually, there was a second The Batman DTV in early pitching stages, a DTV which would have focused on Hush. Believing in the tremendous wealth of material from Batman’s comic roots, Matsuda thought a DTV focusing on Hush would be something the fans could really enjoy.

However, Warner Bros. Animation wanted to keep the The Batman DTV franchise going as a “The Batman Versus Another Monster” series, so the The Batman Versus Hush (tentative title) idea never went beyond the pitching stage. Whether we’ll see future The Batman DTVs remain to be seen. Until then, Matsuda has recently released his The Batman Versus Hush pitch artwork for the fans to see. A thumbnail of the promotional image created by Matsuda is available below.

Thanks to Jeff Matsuda for the image and additional information.

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More Images from “The Metalface of Comedy”

Premiering this Saturday, December 15 is an episode entitled “The Metal Face of Comedy,” in which through an unusual accident Joker’s personality is downloaded into a nanite entity, and the digitized Joker is even more threatening than the original. Kevin Michael Richardson provides a double dose of his usual sense of devious joviality as Joker. Vinton Heuck directs the script from writer Alexx Van Dyne.

The “Metal Face of Comedy” airs Saturday, December 15 at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT as part of the No. 1 rated Kids’ WB! Saturday morning network lineup on The CW.