Additional Voices for “Justice League: The New Frontier”

The list is below as follows.

Joe Alaskey – Bugs Bunny
Jeff Bennett – Sportscaster
Corey Burton – Abin Sur
Townsend Coleman – Dr. Magnus
Keith David – The Centre
Sean Donnellan – Haley
Robin Atkin Downes – The Guardian
Shane Haboucha – Robin
David Hunt – Harry
Lex Lang – Rick Flag
Vicki Lewis – Iris West
Joe Mantegna – Crooner
Vanessa Marshall – Amazon Woman
Jim Meskimen – Slam Bradley
James Arnold Taylor – Captain Cold

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Main Cast List for “Justice League: The New Frontier”

The full cast list, save for a few additional roles, is as follows.

David Boreanaz Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern
Miguel Ferrer – J’onn J’onzz / Martian Manhunter
Neil Patrick Harris Barry Allen / The Flash
John Heard Ace Morgan
Lucy Lawless Wonder Woman
Kyle MacLachlan Clark Kent / Superman
Phil Morris King Faraday
Alan Ritchson Aquaman
Kyra Sedgwick Lois Lane
Brooke Shields Carol Ferris
Jeremy Sisto Bruce Wayne / Batman

“Justice League: The New Frontier” HD-DVD Release Delayed

The HD-DVD delay is due to Warner Home Video’s plans to go Blu-Ray exclusive in mid-2008. Warner stated in their original Blu-ray exclusivity announcement that although they would continue to support HD-DVD through May, their remaining HD-DVD releases will now be released three to four weeks after the Blu-Ray release.

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