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“Batman: The Brave and The Bold” Spin-off Comic Confirmed

The World’s Finest first broke the news about a spin-off comic based on the upcoming Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series, and now it has been confirmed.

Expect the title to be launched close to the premiere date of the animated series, with a creative team to be announced before the end of the year. Further updates on the title are expected to surface shortly.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Final “Teen Titans Go!” Comic On Sale This Week

The final issue, issue #55, will be hitting the majority of comic book stores on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday due to the holiday weekend.

Teen Titans Go! #55, written by J. Torres with art by Todd Nuack and Lary Strucker, will have the Titans face off against a familiar threat.

For further coverage of Teen Titans Go!, check out the Teen Titans subsite here at The World’s Finest.

Beavers Discusses His Animated Comic Work

The World’s Finest: First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, your previous work, all that great stuff!

Ethen Beavers: I loved to play with clay as a child- I think they call it sculpting when you get older. I made cowboy dinosaurs. The clay got in the carpet, so clay was outlawed. So then I started drawing. I’ve been drawing ever since. I started looking for work in comics in 2003. Since then I’ve worked on Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10, TeenTitans Go!, Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, Samurai Jack, Clone Wars Adventures, and Indiana Jones Adventures. I’ve worked mostly at DC and Dark Horse. I have a tiny bit of experience as a Storyboarder in the animation field. I ink almost all of my own work.

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A Look At New Animated Comics For August 2008

Written by J. Torres; Art by Sanford Greene; Cover by Alexander Serra

A distress call from a stranded United Planets ship pits the Legion against a gang of Thanagarian pirates and theyre not exactly carrying on Hawkmans heroic legacy! The team will have to call in the big guns, but their best hope is 1,000 years away.

Written by Russell Lissau; Art by Christopher Jones & Terry Beatty; Cover by Andie Tong

Green Lantern and Batman must work together to keep Mr. Freeze from sending Gotham City into an endless ice age!

Each of the titles run thirty-two pages in full color and will be available on August 13th for $2.25 US.

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