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Delaney on Upcoming “Justice League Unlimited” Comic

The upcoming issue, written by Ken Pontac with inks by Ty Templeton, was originally scheduled to be published in the Justice League Adventures comic, but was shelved when both the comic and cartoon were relaunched as Justice League Unlimited. But now, the Justice League Unlimited comic is presenting “untold tales” of the Justice League, featuring stories taking place before the series (both the cartoon and cartoon) changed to Justice League Unlimited. By doing this, fans are now able to see tales originally scheduled for Justice League Adventures to finally see print.

“I really liked the story and was really happy with my pencils and Ty’s inks,” says Delaney. “The Mirror Master had not yet been designed for the show when we did this story so I drew him according to his most current incarnation in the DC Universe.

“The design that showed up on the show was a bit more streamlined and looked a bit more in keeping with the silver age version but I’m really happy with the way we depicted him especially in keeping with the emotional beat of the story.” Delaney adds. “The Hawkgirl storyline had not yet aired either so I drew her in her standard gear although I would have loved to draw her without the helmut as her look and her face design is so sweet.”

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