“Batman: The Adventures Continue – Season Three” Finale Coming Aug. 2023 From DC Comics

Details on the final issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue – Season Three were released as part of DC Comics’ solicitations catalogue for August 2023. Batman: The Adventures Continue – Season Three #8 not only concludes the latest volume of the popular Batman:The Animated Series comic continuation, but it’s also the finale to the “three season” comic series. Continue below for artwork and details, all provided by DC Comics.


Art and cover by TY TEMPLETON
Variant cover by KERON GRANT
Variant cover by GUSTAVO DUARTE
1:25 variant cover by HAYDEN SHERMAN
$3.99 US | 32 pages | 8 of 8 | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)

Over the last three seasons, the minds behind the version of Gotham that defined a generation have brought you a continuation of their masterwork—and now that continuation comes to an end. Ra’s al Ghul’s mysterious plot has now been fully revealed, but will Batman be able to stop it in time? Or has the Dark Knight’s luck finally run out? Find out in this series finale over 30 years in the making!
ON SALE 8/8/23

The first volume of Batman: The Adventures Continue launched in April 2020 from DC Comics, accompanied by a tie-in toyline and heavy promotional campaign. High sales and acclaim resulted in the comic series being picked up for two additional volumes, or “seasons,” and introducing characters such as Azreal, Talon and Red Hood in to DC Animated Universe continuity.

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