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Legends of the Dark Mite!
Original Airdate - May 29th, 2009
In this episode, Batman's biggest fan, BatMite, is also his biggest nightmare when the 5th dimensional imp pops up and in an effort to make Batman a better hero, throws Gotham City into chaos. Kidnapping the Dark Knight and traveling to the surreal 5th dimension, the adventure continues with references to many of the classic villains. Be on the look out for cameos featuring the WBA creative team on a Con panel!

Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Ben Jones
Animation by Lotto Animation
Review by Andrew
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Deidrich Bader as Batman
Dee Bradley Baker as Bat hound
Jim Piddock as Calendar Man / Calendar King
Paul Reubens as BatMite
Tom Wilson as Catman

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter


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In keeping with the tradition of Brave and the Bold, the teaser is quite the contrary to the rest of the episode, and starts off with the normal flow of the show. Located in (we shall assume) Africa, the rarely used Catman is auctioning off a rare Tiger to the most cliche blackmarket criminals - even a Chef in fully Chef garb armed with appropriate cutlery. Of course, that really is the only strange thing about this fun opening as it quickly gets into the action and puts a new spotlight on a strange hero; Ace the Bathound. Although it further stretched the strangeness of this teaser by featuring Ace battling the rare Tiger, it was well-handled and ended perfectly with Catman being chased up a tree. Ridiculous? Yes. Absolutely funny? Also, yes.

After that, we're introduced to the rest of the episode by Batman going after two thieves, but with a strange ambient narration. This story really doesn't take long to smack you over the head with it's quirky hilarity, as it quickly delves into the antics of the pint-sized pest; Batmite. As Batman's biggest fan, he gets bored quickly of Batman dealing with such easily defeated criminals and decides to help him be as epic as possible - but first, he decides a costume change is in order. Commencing in a great commentary of some of Batman's oddest styling changes - or blunders in a couple cases - it really depicts exactly how the rest of the episode will be as it parodies notorious aspects of the Batman mythos.

After going through the awesome wardrobe critiques, he decides to pit our beloved Knight against a far more villainous foe than the previous criminals. First up to take a swing is Gorilla Grodd, then Grundy until Batman subtly convinces him to spawn Calendar Man, further highlighting the sprinkling of ridiculousness throughout our hero's past. Of course, with a quick upgrade from BatMite, Calendar Man spontaneously becomes the supernaturally-powered Calendar King. To make sure that this isn't too ridiculous, BatMite checks with hardcore fans of Batman's in a greatly done parody of an awkwardly silent Comic Con-esque convention gathering, filled with a wonderful plethora of easter-eggs including cosplay versions of the BatGods Bruce Timm as a scowl-faced Joker, and Paul Dini in his second* cross-dressing appearance as Harley Quinn.

After deciding that Batman's mythos can take the ridiculously great romp we've seen so far, BatMite continues his antics in bugging Batman. Eventually Batman convinces him that it's best to leave him to his usual schedule, and BatMite promptly disappears. Interestingly, this seems to make Ace possibly the first time character that has appeared in both the teaser and main story without the episode being devoted to them as we saw with Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle in "Fall of the Blue Beetle" and Robin in "The Color of Revenge!" Unfortunately - for Batman, not us - BatMite has taken up the guise of the Bathound and gets angry when his hero doesn't appreciate the previous efforts, and promptly sets to use Batman as a toy. Quickly figuring out that BatMite doesn't want a toy that doesn't do anything, however, Batsy is able to talk BatMite into further making the episode greater by becoming the legend himself.

Brilliantly, they turn the episode into a depiction on how the pesky Fifth Dimension creatures can be fallible for once, and not just from under-estimating our heroes. Easily one of the top three, if not the absolute best episode of the show so far. If there was a scene that didn't have me laughing, it would have to be the wonderful recreation of the B:TAS opening. Simply because I was too busy grinning from the joyous nostalgic acknowledgement of that incredible visual.

*Paul Dini's first depicted romp in a Harley Quinn outfit was in TNBA's "Joker's Millions."

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