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Interviews - Series
Press Q&A
Diedrich Bader, voice "Batman"
Michael Jelenic, writer
Andrea Romano, voice director
James Tucker, producer
Ben Jones, director
Will Friedle, voice "Jamie / Blue Beetle"
Michael Rosenbaum, voice "Deadman"
Wil Wheaton, voice "Ted Kord / Silver Age Blue Beetle"
James Tucker, producer (Interview #2)
James Tucker, producer (Interview #3)
Michael Jelenic, writer (Interview #2)
James Tucker, producer (Interview #4)
James Tucker, producer (Interview #5)
William Dunn, background painter
Ben Jones, director (Interview #2)
Michael Jelenic, story editor (Interview #3)
James Tucker, producer (Interview #6)

Interviews - Comic Book
Matt Wayne, writer
J. Torres, writer
Landry Walker, writer

Animated Series Production Artwork
Comic Book Production Artwork

Press Kit Images
Coloring Pages (PDF)

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