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Bios - John Stewart/Green Lantern

Voiced By: Phil LaMarr
First Appearance: "Secret Origins"
Position: Justice League Member

Bio: John Stewart is a veteran member of the elite Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic peacekeeping force founded by the Guardians of Oa. The Guardians provide each Green Lantern with a power ring that must be recharged every 24 hours from a lantern-like power source. Acting as the ultimate defensive weapon, the ring responds to mere thought and can project powerful laser-like beams or impenetrable force fields. Its emerald aura also protects the wearer from the harsh environs of deep space.

Years ago, the Guardians of Oa recognized John Stewart's potential for exceptional courage and heroism. Awarding him a power ring, they trained him to be the Green Lantern for Sector 2814, a quadrant of the galaxy that includes our own solar system. For more than ten years, John has patrolled the deepest reaches of space.

Now, he has returned home to protect Earth as a member of the Justice League. Unfortunately, the hard-nosed military attitude that makes John an ideal Green Lantern often creates friction with his fellow Justice Leaguers. Because he views himself as an authorized professional peacekeeper, he sometimes treats the others like well-meaning amateurs.

After several years with the Justice League, he formed a close bond with Hawkgirl -- one so strong that the two developed a relationship out of it. This relationship met a crushing end when it turned out that Hawkgirl was already engaged to one of her own species.

For more on GL, refer to the Justice League Unlimited bio.

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