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Bios - John Stewart / Green Lantern

Voiced By: Phil LaMarr
First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Founder of the Justice League
Bio: After the break-up with Shayera Hol, Lantern began to sport a new look, as well as attitude. With a shaved head and a goatee, Lantern is even more no-nonsense than ever before--undoubtedly due to the heart break he still has over Shayera.

Though he's still as hard as a brick wall, John Stewart has found a place for Vixen, a superheroine that arrived when the Justice League held their call for new heroes. Though the two appear serious, Shayera Hol's return will test their relationships strength.

While he has feelings for Vixen, Green Lantern is torn when it comes to Shayera. Having traveled to the future and learned that he and Shayera had a son (Warhawk), Green Lantern knows that he and Shayera must end up together, as it’s their “destiny.” After professing this to Batman, Batman replied: “If you really believe that, why are you still with Vixen?”

Determined not to have his destiny chosen by what he saw in the future, Green Lantern decided to spend time with Vixen, even after discussing Warhawk with Shayera.

For information on Green Lantern, check out his Justice League Bio.

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