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Bios - Agent Bennet

Voiced By: Kurtwood Smith
First Appearance: "The Accomplice"
Position: NSA Agent

Bio (Official): Heading the team of agents that's searching for Zeta is Special Agent James Bennet of the National Security Agency. His orders are to bring Zeta in for reprogramming, and put him back to work as an Infiltration Unit. To Zeta, this would be the worst thing that could ever happen: All that he's learned would be wiped clean, and he would become a weapon once again.

Ironically, Bennet believes that Zeta's already been reprogrammed -- by a group of dangerous terrorists. And because of this belief, Bennet sees Zeta's every move as part of an unfolding terrorist plot. This is a crucial point to understanding Bennet. Although he's the central antagonist of the series, he's never just being "villainous." Bennet truly believes that Zeta's a threat to National Security, and that by hunting the synthoid down he is serving his country.

Bennet's been explicitly ordered to bring Zeta in "alive." Zeta's a sophisticated, expensive piece of equipment, and Bennet's bosses want to see that equipment put back on line. For this reason, Bennet and his team can't just run in and start shooting. Instead, they have to rely on non-lethal tools and techniques: Air-fired nets, expanding glue-foam, hi-frequency sound-beams, nanites that Zeta would "contract" when patching into a computer... Plus, Bennet will employ more elaborate plots to deceive Zeta and Ro: sending out a young, undercover agent to win our heroes' trust, or luring Zeta and Ro to him with false leads about Ro's family.

Agent Bennet will not appear in most episodes; as an estimate, he might show up in about a third. But even when he's not around, the threat he represents will always provide the show's momentum. Because Bennet is always out there, scanning police bands, screening satellite pictures, sweeping the net for suspicious news stories... Zeta and Ro will always have to avoid attention, hide their identity -- and keep moving.

Bio: The head of the NSA, Agent Bennet has dedicated a large portion of his life to attempting to capture the rogue synthoid “Zeta” and his accomplice, Rosalie Rowen.

He was so dedicated to his work, that he nearly lost his sons life in an underwater submarine accident. In an odd twist of fate, the very two he had been trying to bring into custody, saved him and his son’s life.

Agent Bennet overheard Dr. Selig and Zeta talking, where Selig admitted that he had implanted a chip inside Zeta that gave him a conscience; whether Bennet ignored or took this information to heart was never known.

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