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"My name is Zeta. I was built as a weapon to destroy, but I  will not destroy anymore."

    Infiltration Unit Zeta was built by the government to replace and eliminate targeted enemies. On one mission, however, he learned that the man he was sent to kill was innocent and made the decision not to destroy anymore. Unfortunately for Zeta, the government believes he has been reprogrammed by the organization he had been infiltrating and will stop at nothing to retrieve the renegade synthoid.

    On the run from the National Security Agency, Zeta is joined by Rosalie Rowen, a sarcastic, street-smart runaway searching for her family. With Ro's help, "Zee" learns that his only chance for freedom is to find his creator, Doctor Eli Selig.

"For a robot, you've got some connections."

    The Zeta Project is a spinoff of season two Batman Beyond episode "Zeta," written by Robert Goodman. The episode was not originally intended to pilot a separate series; the original story had the synthoid dying at the end! Soon, though, the potential for a spinoff was seen, and Zeta lived. Less than a year later, The Zeta Project aired.

    Fan response to the first season varied. The cartoon developed a loyal fan base, but most Batman Beyond fans believed the bright colors and kid friendly stories did not belong in a Batman spinoff. Zeta was also put on hiatus several times throughout both seasons in favor of new, short-lived cartoons.

    When season 2 aired with the "Wired" two- parter, many people changed their minds about Zeta. The animation had changed drastically, with darker colors, shadowing, and a slightly new look for the title character. The stories had also improved: "more action, more suspense, higher stakes," in the words of TZP creator Robert Goodman.

"In too deep to stop now. I wanna see how this turns out."

    On August 7, 2002, the season two finale "The Hologram Man" aired, ending the season with several questions left unanswered. Unfortunately for fans, the series will not be returning. Despite no formal announcement from Kids WB!, the series has long since ceased production.

    Zeta crossed over into Batman Beyond twice after his initial appearance in the episode that started his own series ("Zeta")--both "Shadows" and "Countdown" aired on the same day. "Shadows", the eight episode of the first season, aired first while "Countdown", the fifty-second episode of Batman Beyond (and the last ever to be produced) after it.

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