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Bios - Agent Lee

Voiced By: Lauren Tom
First Appearance: "The Accomplice"
Position: Friend of Zeta and Ro; NSA Agent
Bio (Official - WBs Zeta Site): Formerly Scout Unit Four, partner NSA Agent ORIN WEST and MARCIA LEE botch a chance to capture Zeta at the Wood Valley Maryland hoverbus station - and get assigned to Agent Bennet's personal detail as their punishment. Now West and Lee work right at Bennet's side (where he can keep an eye on them), dedicated to the single mission of capturing Zeta.

West is a clumsy, overeager bumbler, constantly firing weapons too soon, tripping over his own feet and blowing chances to catch Zeta. Lucky for him, Lee's there to keep him in check. She's more controlled, and by-the-book -- but Lee has her doubts about Zeta's guilt. She's willing to believe Zeta might really be peaceful - and that open-mindedness sometimes puts her at odds with Agent Bennet.

Bio: An officer in the NSA, Agent Lee’s main mission was to capture the rogue synthoid, “Zeta.” After seeing first hand that he wasn’t dangerous, however, Lee later quit her post and joined another faction of the NSA. She only met up with Zeta and Ro one other time, and turned a shoulder as they made their escape.

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