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It's taken awhile, but here it is--the section dedicated to the BTAS 10th Anniv. Polls we ran back in February of 2002. The polls were a close one--with the Batman: The Animated Series episode, 'Heart of Ice', and the The New Batman Adventures episode, 'Over the Edge', dueling it out till the final days of the poll--and finally the scales were tipped by one vote, and the victor, 'Heart of Ice', came out on top.

Heart of Ice can be seen as "the episode that started it all." This was the episode that many fans and critics say drew them into Batman. The mature storyline and stunning animation hooked viewers until the dramatic ending. It was an episode that didn't dull anything down for the children, yet stayed true to the roots of the characters. It also revived a villain from near obscurity, and made him the most human villain Batman ever faced.

Many fans say that this episode, above all else, showcases how great that animated Batman series was. An episode fully accessible to adults, but also accessible to the younger crowd. Adults can watch a mature, dark story unfold, as kids root for Batman to get the bad guy. It's an episode that's special to many fans, and has been touted as the pinnacle of perfection, animation flub-ups aside.

We told you we'd have a section dedicated to it, and here it is--over a year late, but, hey, at least we kept our word!

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