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Bios - Zeta and Ro

Voiced By:
Gary Cole as Zeta ("Zeta")
Diedrich Bader as Zeta ("Countdown")
Julie Nathanson as Ro
First Appearance: "Zeta" (Zeta); "Countdown" (Ro)
Position: Allies

Bio: What does it mean to be human? For most of us, that's a question on a philosophy quiz. For Zeta, it's a matter of life or death.

Zeta is a robot, designed by dark forces within the U.S. government and given the power to change its voice and appearance at will to become an exact double of any human being. That skill allows Zeta to do its assigned job easily and efficiently: to kill any enemies of the government.

But along the way, the robot has developed a conscience. So Zeta's on the run now. It's only hope for redemption is to locate its creator, Dr. Selig. But when Zeta kidnaps and impersonates Max, Batman's best friend, the winged one goes after Zeta, believing the robot to be a threat to mankind. Will Batman realize his mistake in time?

Accompanying Zeta on the quest for freedom is Ro, a smart-mouthed teenage girl who's trying to reconnect with her family. Ro is Zeta's guardian angel. She may not have the robot's computer-powered brains, but she does have the street smarts Zeta needs to survive.

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