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The Eyes of Despero!
Original Airdate - February 6th, 2009
In the middle of thwarting a robbery by the Cavalier, Batman is whisked away into outer space. When he arrives on their home world, he discovers The Green Lantern Corps is MIA after a battle with Despero - leaving the entire universe defenseless! To save us all, Batman joins the surviving Green Lanterns, G'Nort, Guy Gardner and Sinestro, to defeat the rampaging tyrant Despero before he turns OA, the living Green Lantern planet into his personal weapon of mass destruction!

Written by J.M. DeMatteis
Directed by Ben Jones
Animation by Digital eMation
Review by Andrew
Media provided by Warner Bros. Animation
Deidrich Bader as Batman
James Arnold Taylor as Wotan/ Guy Gardner
Kevin Michael Richardson as Despero
Alexander Polinsky as G'nort
Greg Ellis as Cavalier/ Dr. Fate
Xander Berkeley as Sinestro/ Hal Jordan

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter


In a head-trip similar to, but not rivaling the head-trip in ďEnter the Outsiders!Ē this episode begins in a strange, yet interesting reality. Not familiar with the villain standing before us, I was excited to soon see one of the coolest looking heroes finally be a part of Brave and the Boldís universe; Dr. Fate. Unfortunately, I felt he was a bit underplayed as Batman yet again plays mentor that must inspire all of the renowned heroes. The opening becomes even more bizarre as Batman takes off his utility belt and pulls a lightsaber-esque sword from the length of it. Crazy. Thatís the only way to truly describe it. It was, however, nice that they included an unhelmeted scene for Fate, but unfortunately it still didnít redeem much of the awkwardly Bat-centered opening.

The rest of the episode teeters between good and the unfortunate routine of Batman being the better hero. Opening with an awesome army of Green Lanterns lead by the (until now) absent Hal Jordan to respond to the new threat of the 3-eyed, 1-finned, flying purple people enslaver; Despero. Sadly, the entire army is overtaken by Despero quite easily and Hal Jordan is thought to blink them out of existence, leaving his ring to track down the only one on the show capable of being better than an army of Green Lanterns; the gosh-darned Batman. After being transported to Oa he stumbles across an imprisoned Guy Gardner, GíNort (awesome) and Sinestro. Der-huh-bwa? Definitely one of the best things of this episode, we are introduced to Sinestro in his Green Lantern days. Sinister as one would expect, yes, but still quite cool.

The trio of Lanterns combine their ring power to give Batman powers of the ring and surprisingly bland armor - especially compared to the armor seen in ďDay of the Knight!Ē Together they go after the purple Tyrant, who has now taken over the only other Green Lantern left. A living planet named Mogo. What this show lacks in appreciating the leadership of anyone that isnít Batman it makes up for exploring the deepest crevices of random - but incredibly interesting - characters. Fortunately, in the last few minutes of the episode they decide to focus on the other characters accompanying Batman and we are met with some fun moments with GíNort, as well as some nice redemption by Gardner as he attempts to stop the extremist Sinestro. The best part, though, is that none of it feels contrived. Despite Gardnerís hot-headedness, they havenít made it seem so extreme that morality is the last thing he would succumb to.

I admit Iíve harped quite a lot about Batman being depicted as mightier than all, which truly is a growing problem with the show. The rest of the episode, however, is too fun to be brought down by that. The ending left a bit to be desired, though, as it feels a bit rushed and too simple.

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