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Duel of the Double Crossers!
Original Airdate - June 12th, 2009
When Mongul recruits Jonah Hex to bring new gladiators to War World, the old west bounty hunter wrangles the Dark Knight. After a change of heart, Hex and Batman team up to take down the violent empire.

Written by Todd Casey
Directed by Michael Chang
Animation by DongWoo Animation
Review by Andrew
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Diedrich Bader as Batman
Nika Futterman as Lashina
Scott Menville as Metamorpho
Phil Morris as Jonah Hex
Kevin Michael Richardson as Steppenwolf
Bumper Robinson as Black Lightning
James Arnold Taylor as Arges
Gary Anthony Williams as Mongul/Mongal

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter

Starting off with one of the weakest teasers in Brave/Bold’s short history (so far), the brat squad known as the Outsiders is back, and they’re fighting… Despero? Considering that the only other time we’ve seen Despero so far, the entire Green Lantern Corps got scared and went into hiding. Now, they expect it to be convincing that the trio of troubled youngsters would be any sort of a match for him. Adding insult to injury, they’re just as obnoxious as their last appearance. Metamorpho is a clumsy-sounding hulk that morphs into commonly cliché forms, Static Shock - err - Black Lightning fails to be interesting whatsoever, and the diminutive Katana is… Well, she’s not bad. The entire teaser fails to deliver in every aspect as they don’t really seem to learn anything by the time we find it’s a training session cop-out.

The rest of the episode improves slightly better, despite starting off randomly as the 19th century Bounty Hunter walks into a bar that truly appears to belong to a long time ago - in a galaxy far, far away. Come to find out Jonah Hex is working for the always unexpected Mongul, as he’s forced to round up the toughest baddies out there for War World. The next on Mongul’s wishlist is, of course, the universally-revered (literally it seems) Batman. For the plot’s sake, Jonah has no problems wrangling the Dark Knight and delivering him to Mongul to fight against the incredibly disturbing Mongal and her female furies Lashina and Stompa - undefeated War World champions. Admittedly, this is actually a pretty decent use of War World, as Justice League’s handling of the epic brawling was one of the worst episodes of the series. It suffers from one of the more minuscule problems of the teaser though; it’s horribly random. Jonah Hex, Mongul, previously-Darkseid’s female furies… It’s quite a bit to take in at once, but probably not so bad if you’re completely unfamiliar with any of the characters aside from Batman.

The episode takes an odd twist, though, when Mongal propositions Jonah Hex to betray Mongul, and proceeds to help out Batman in his first fight. It’s done incredibly quickly, though, and feels a little too contrived - especially as you can easily miss the reasoning behind any motives if you stop paying attention for even a millisecond. The rest of the episode takes a turn for the worse as it becomes a ridiculous romp that involves Batman in a fight against Mongul without even a scratch to show for it, and a pretty uninteresting ending overall. Despite this, it’s still a decent episode for at least one viewing as it includes some fun humor and an interesting amount of random cameos. If you do watch this episode, be sure to do yourself a favor and skip the teaser.

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