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Long Arm of the Law!
Original Airdate - December 11, 2009
Kite Man, comes back for revenge against Plastic Man. With the help of his unstoppable henchmen Rubberneck, he imperils Plastic Man's loved ones and threatends to remove the heroes powers forever.

Written by Jim Krieg
Directed by Ben Jones
Animation by Lotto Animation
Review by Andrew
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Diedrich Bader as Batman
Jeff Bennett as Rubberneck
Jeffrey Combs as Kite Man
Jennifer Hale as Ramona
Tom Kenny as Plastic Man / Eel
Stephen Root as Woozy Winks

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter

Video Clip

If a Plastic Man sneezes in the woods, and there are a dozen violent, furry creatures sleeping; does it make a sound? Well, yes, of course. So, the second episode of season two starts off with a strange start in the woods where a bunch of timid, tired sasquatch-like creatures have abducted a whole camp full of scouts, and Batman & Plastic Man are there to save them. Quietly. The teaser is a little strange as it doesn’t really offer any good or bad parts, and the entire span of it is pretty much a set up for a single joke at the end. This is a very “love it or hate it” teaser.

Oddly, the rest of the episode is also dedicated to Plastic Man and his quirky life; his wife; his baby “Baby,” and his rotund friend from “Death Race to Oblivion,” Woozy Winks. This is a surprising episode to get considering that Plastic Man has disappeared for most of season one, and now he’s prominently returned in the first two episodes of this season. So, was the episode any good? Well, it’s certainly better than the teaser. The episode not only explores Plastic Man’s personal life, but also expands on Plastic Man’s previous life as one of the henchmen for KiteMan. This was actually brought up during his first appearance in “Terror on Dinosaur Island,” so it’s nice to not only see a hold on continuity, but also using it to bring in an otherwise extremely uninteresting villain.

The episode unfortunately suffers from far too much emphasis on the Kiteman plot point, and anything else in the episode comes across as pure filler to reach the fight scenes, but the worst example of them ignoring plot points is that during the final fight, Batman is hit with Kiteman’s beam that give him the flexing ability similar to Plastic-Man’s. This is weird, of course, but this ability is not taken away from him by the end of the episode, and simply ignored. I’m sure we’re supposed to believe that it was reversed post-episode, but I would prefer to actually see it happen. Overall, it’s a decent episode if you like Plastic-Man. If not, then this episode is probably best to skip.

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