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The Golden Age of Justice!
Original Airdate - January 15th, 2010
An aging JSA is faced with the return of their worst enemy, Per Degaton, as he returns from suspended animation to enact a plan for world-domination, while Black Canary helps Wildcat face his greatest regrets.

Written by Michael Chang
Directed by Todd Casey
Animation by Lotto Animation
Review by Andrew
Media by Warner Bros. Animation
Batman as Deidrich Bader
Black Canary as Grey DeLisle
Degaton as Clancy Brown
Professor Zee as Dee Bradley Baker
Hourman as Lex Lang
Dr. Midnite as Corey Burton
Hawkman as William Katt
Wildcat as R. Lee Ermey
Detective Chimp as Dee Bradley Baker
False Face (no credit yet)
Flash / Colonel as Andy Milder
Maid / Southern Belle / Ms. Gatsby as Tress MacNeille

Theme Written and Performed by Andy Strumer
Music by Michael McCuisition, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter

Video Clip

To be honest, I only managed to see the latter half of this episode’s teaser, which involved Detective Chimp. The half I saw didn’t seem too bad, but it wouldn’t be fair to truly judge it without seeing it. This portion of the review will be updated once I have seen the full teaser.

The main story, however, I managed to see fully intact - and it’s truly difficult to begin to explain how much I enjoyed this episode. Introducing the Golden Age-spawned Justice Society of America, the main story begins with something a teaser in it’s own right. The various members of the JSA are introduced to the show’s audience using the classic WWII-style newsreel type of coverage, most of which tend to only result in me rolling my eyes, but the writing for this was superb. It managed to capture the campy, overly-cheery tone of the newsreels, but not sound forced when it came to the superhero portions of it. This creates a beautiful lead in for the show’s present day version of the group, who are shown with significant, but not over the top aging. To note, this version of Flash previously appeared in season 1’s tease for “Trials of the Demon,” and he is sporting the elderly white hair throughout that. It’s a subtle touch and nice to see that sort of consistency.

The episode, despite focusing mostly on the JSA, incredibly manages to focus on the JSA members, Black Canary, Batman, and the main villain of the episode without coming off as strained, or poorly thought out. Black Canary’s intertwined past with the JSA is slyly done if you aren’t familiar with Black Canary’s mother/daughter storyline in comics history, and was a very welcome subplot for the episode. This also involved, shockingly, the second death of a hero on the show - and without cutting away from it. It wasn’t a violent death, granted, but you could say that it’s all the more surprising they were allowed to show it due to it being a female hero. In fact, the entire Canary subplot is amazing in that sense. It was incredibly refreshing to see a female superhero depicted as more than just a tool to add a flirty atmosphere, or introduce some eye-candy, or some equally shallow purpose. Furthermore, her rebellious attitude was well written and actually captivating; it never felt contrived or over the top, which was a major problem with the rebellious Robin in “The Color of Revenge!”

Black Canary isn’t the only one to get her past shown off throughout the episode, of course. There is also the clever use of Batman as a trainee (alongside Black Canary) of the JSA members, and I have to admit that it was nearly surreal to see Batman in the iconic Bob Kane look, but as a mere apprentice. Honestly, I tried to find fault in the episode, but personally, I believe this is one of the best episodes of the entire show and Highly Recommend immediate viewing. It should definitely set the standard for future Batman: Brave and the Bold episodes.

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