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From the creative forces behind the PG-13 "DC Universe Animated Original Movie" line, "DC Showcase" puts the spotlight on favorite characters from throughout the annals of DC Comics in fascinating, short-form tales sure to entertain longtime and new fans alike.

Screenwriter Greg Weisman's story, which he says is "Young Justice-adjacent," finds Oliver Queen at the Star City International Airport to pick up his girlfriend, only to be forced into action as Green Arrow to protect the 10-year-old Princess of Vlatava from his old nemesis Merlyn the Magnificent and the League of Assassins.

Green Arrow features the voices of Neal McDonough (Desperate Housewives) and Malcolm McDowell (Entourage). Bruce Timm is executive producer.

Green Arrow is distributed by Warner Home Video as part of the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Blu-ray/DVD.

"DC Showcase" is a co-production from Warner Premiere, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video and DC Comics. Bruce Timm is Executive Producer.

Further details on the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse animated feature are available at The World's Finest. Additional coverage of this title can also be found in the Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam section.


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