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Some of the greatest comic book stories ever told are brought to life in the DC Universe line of animated original movies. Using the characters, original adventures and specific storylines from DC Comics – the world's largest English language publisher of comic books and the home of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – as inspiration, the DC Universe slate of movies reflects the depth and nuance of the best in contemporary comic book stories.

Started in 2007 as a co-production between Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, this collaboration offers titles that will appeal to the most dedicated comic readers as well as more casual fans of adventure and heroism. Launched under the DC Universe Animated Original Movie banner, this home video line has seen a host of different stories – adapted and original – brought to life with critical and fan acclaim. Briefly renamed DC Comics Premiere Movie line in 2012, due to the company–wide rebranding at DC Entertainment, the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line remains as committed as ever to delivering high-quality animated films starring the top heroes from the world of DC Comics. While the titles fall under the DC Universe Animated Original Movie name, the movie line name was shortened in 2016 to DC Universe Original Movie in 2014, and then shortened again in 2018 to DC Universe Movie for promotional and branding purposes.

Talent involved includes Bruce Timm, Dwayne McDuffie, James Tucker, Alan Burnett, Sam Lui, Lauren Montgomery, Duane Capizzi, Darwyn Cooke, Judd Winnick, Andrea Romano, Jay Oliva, Phil Bourassa, Butch Lukic, among countless others.

Click on the images below to check out subsites devoted to specific titles from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie / DC Comics Premiere Movie / DC Universe Original Movie / DC Universe Movie line. Also linked below is a section dedicated to select DC Showcase titles, a series of short animated films included on multiple feature-length home video releases. Details on titles which make up the DC Animated Movie universe can be found here. The titles below are listed from the latest entry backwards.

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