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The complete main cast and crew rundown for the Batman: Year One direct-to-video animated feature, as listed in the official credits for the new DC Universe Animated Original Movie animated feature, are as follows below.

Batman: Year One from Warner Home Video
Warner Bros. Animation Presents Batman: Year One
Starring the Voice Talents of Bryan Cranston, Ben McKenzie, Eliza Dushku, Jon Polito, Alex Rocco, Katee Sackhoff
Based on the DC Comics Characters
Batman created by Bob Kane
Executive Producers Benjamin Melniker, Michael Ulsan
Executive Producers Sam Register, Bruce Timm
Producer Lauren Montgomery
Co-Producer Alan Burnett
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Music By Christopher Drake
Edited By Margaret Hou
Based on the Graphic Novel by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
Written by Tab Murphy
Directed by Sam Liu, Lauren Montgomery
Rated PG-13 for Violence and Some Sexual Material

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