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Justice League vs. Teen Titans Home Entertainment Release
Studio: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Release Date: March 29th, 2016 - Digital; April 12th, 2016 - Blu-ray, DVD

Synopsis: The demonic forces of Trigon infiltrate the minds and bodies of the Justice League, turning the veteran super heroes against their youthful counterparts.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray Bonus Features:
· An exclusive sneak peek at the next DC Universe Original Movie.
· Featurette – “Growing Up Titan” – The Teen Titans have fascinated readers for over 50 years due in part to their stories of valor, as well as earning empathy with comic book readers during their own trials growing up into adulthood. This documentary spotlights the importance of young voices in the DC Comics mythology, giving generations of readers a team of heroes that mirror their own life experiences.
· Featurette – “Heroes and Villains - Raven” – She is the daughter of one of DC Comics’ greatest villains, the demon Trigon. Raven is a powerful telepath who uses her soul-self as a means for astral projection. She is integral to the Teen Titans. This documentary is her story.
· Featurette – “Heroes and Villains – Trigon – The most fearsome and evil opponent the Teen Titans have encountered is this inter-dimensional demon. Trigon uses his immortality to shape worlds and exact his control. This documentary introduces the character and how he raises the stakes for the Teen Titans.
· From the DC Comics Vault – Two Classic Episodes of DC Comics cartoons

Justice League vs. Teen Titans DVD Bonus Features:
· An exclusive sneak peek at the next DC Universe Original Movie.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Limited Edition Gift Set Review
by James Harvey

Somewhat like the main feature, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's home video presentation of Justice League vs. Teen Titans feels a little underwhelming. While the studio offers a nice physical Blu-ray package, it's somewhat lacking in actual bonus content.

In terms of audio and video, the studio gives Justice League vs. Teen Titans its standard solid presentation. The film looks crisp, clean and sharp, with only handful of issues with the film’s transfer. Some slight macroblocking as usual, though that seems to be par the course for these titles. The audio track is just fantastic, sounding boisterous and heavy. Audio is crystal clear and it never waivers, whether it's the rockin' dance-off at the amusement park or the loud, thunderous Trigon trampling through a major metropolitan area. Warner Bros. rarely disappoints when it comes to cobbling together a very satisfying a/v presentation for their animated DC Comics titles.

Moving on to the bonus features, well, this is where things slip. The longest featurette, "Growing up Titan," runs over 23 minutes and explores the history of the Titans, from the four-color page to the small screen. Creators touch upon why these characters are so endearing and have survived decade after decade of changes to the comic book market, along with the the massive success of the Teen Titans animated series. It's a great presentation on the history of these characters and is easily the most informative extra on the Blu-ray release. Both Trigon and Raven get short featurettes, providing a close look at both characters. Both featurettes are rather short - running 6:05 and 5:17 minutes in length, respectively - but still provides a fair enough crash course on them.

The extras also include "A Sneak Peek at DC Universe's Next Animated Movie: Batman: The Killing Joke," a lengthy look at the next highly-anticipated installment in the popular home video line. It features finished animation and short talking head snippets from the cast and crew involved, and gives a very promising look at what'll surely be a divisive movie. Also includes are two bonus episodes, Batman: The Brave and the Bold "Sidekicks Assemble" and Teen Titans "The Prophecy," both of which are highly enjoyable and worth checking out. The Blu-Ray is wrapped up with some pre-menu and on-disc trailers (including Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice), along with a digital and DVD copy of Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

As with the last few Blu-ray releases in the DC Universe Animated Original Universe, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has added a little extra incentive for fans to pick up the physical edition of Justice League vs. Teen Titans. With the growing dominance of digital media, it’s fantastic to see the studio reward those who purchase the Blu-ray by including a small collectible figurine. Robin gets the special figurine treatment this time, the final product being a nice looking miniature addition to anyone's collection.

While not the most complete or in-depth home video release in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has still churned out a worthwhile addition to one's collection, especially for Teen Titans (or perhaps even Young Justice) fans. Given the low pricepoints these titles tend to sell for now, the Justice League vs. Teen Titans Limited Edition Gift Set Blu-ray is worth picking up. Again, while it's not the best release under this banner, it's far from the worse and contains some great moments and could be the start of a more expansive universe for these titles. The lack of commentary is disappointing, and the featurettes do fall a little short, but what's on there is solid material ... there just needs to be more of it. The audio and video remains as top-notch as always, with only a handful of blemishes. And again, the little figurine is excellent incentive by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to get fans to pick up the Blu-ray release. If you're looking to own Justice League vs. Teen Titans, then the Limited Edition Gift Set Blu-ray is the recommended way to go.

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