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5.2 Reasons Justice League: War is a Battle Worth Seeing
Originally provided by DC Comics

Prepare for battle folks because war approaches! In this case specifically, we mean get your popcorn buttered, settle into your favorite couch, gather together your closest and nerdiest friends, and get ready to experience greatness because Justice League: War hits stores on Tuesday, February 4, and is 100 percent filled with sheer animated awesomeness.

The latest in DC Entertainment's line of DC Universe Animated Original Movies, Justice League: War adapts the best-selling graphic novel Justice League: Origin written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee, the first series in the DC Comics—The New 52 line-up.

There are a few deviations from the original tale, namely the inclusion of Shazam and a certain M.I.A. aquatic hero (we'll get to that). However, the film still serves as a phenomenal adaptation and teases a goosebump-worthy follow-up.

With less than a week to go for the Blu-Ray/DVD release, we're going to break down the 5.2 Reasons Justice League: War is a Battle Worth Seeing!

1. The Battle Against Darkseid
Okay, so this is sort of jumping ahead as far as events of the film go, but it is worth saying first and foremost: the ending battle between the League and Darkseid is freakin' eye-poppingly, jaw-droppingly amazing. It's not as epic and brutal and badass as you would imagine—it's more.

2. Every Interaction Between Green Lantern and Batman
Really, every interaction between Green Lantern and anyone is a guaranteed laugh in this—mainly in thanks to GL voice actor Justin Kirk and his fantastic delivery—but whenever GL and Batman are on screen together, it's pure gold.

3. The Voice Cast
We already called out Justin Kirk as Green Lantern, but pretty much everyone played their role perfectly. From Sean Astin as Shazam, Christopher Gorham as The Flash, and Shemar Moore as Cyborg to Michelle Monaghan as Wonder Woman, Jason O'Mara as Batman, and Alan Tudyk (a.k.a Wash from Firefly, a.k.a. Steve the Pirate) as Superman.

4. Vic Stone and Billy Batson: BFF's
It's an unlikely friendship, with Vic being a high school athlete and Billy a middle schooler, but it works. There's something perfectly Billy Batson/Shazam about him fanboying over battling alongside Cyborg.

5. A Glimpse of the Future
The mid-credits scene teases fans with a follow-up film featuring the debut of that aforementioned missing aquatic hero, but more than that, the producers and creators have confirmed that Justice League: War (and really Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox) begins a series of films all taking place within the DC Comics - The New 52 Universe. While not every DC universe animated film will be a part of it, there will be an existing continuity amongst others. It's like having a Justice League cartoon series again, which is just downright awesome.

5.1 Shazam!
We will always, always be excited to see Shazam.

5.2 Wonder Woman
Just… holy crap. Amazon Warrior, indeed.

What DC Comics—The New 52 adaptations would you like to see? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget to check out Justice League: War on February 4!

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