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Bios - Morgaine le Faye and Mordred

Voiced By:
Olivia D'abo as Morgaine le Faye
Soren Fulton as Mordred
First Appearance: "A Knight of Shadows"
Position: Locked Away

Bio: Once the lover of Jason Blood, Morgaine le Faye turned her back on him in the ultimate betrayal: she led him into a painful death and ultimately ruled in his place. It was for this that, centuries later, Jason sought out revenge against for her, when she turned up again with her son, Mordred. After she got a stone that gave the holder whatever they desired, they began to take back what was once theirs--but after J'onn read Morgaine's mind, he learned that, though she was giving and showing him what he wanted with the stone, none of it was real. He destroyed the stone and Morgaine and Mordred were defeated.

For more, refer to the Justice League Unlimited bio.

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