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Bios - Morgaine le Fey and Mordred

Voiced By:
Olivia D'abo as Morgaine le Fey
Soren Fulton as Mordred
First Appearance: "Kid Stuff"
Position: In their castle; Sorceress (Morgaine), Extremely Old (Mordred)
Bio: In the quest to provide her son with as much training and magical powers as she could, Morgaine le Fey and Mordred arrived in a museum where a statue clutched the Amulet of First Magic--an extremely powerful amulet that gave its wearer the power to control everything. Once Mordred laid his hands on this object, he immediately turned on his mother, as well as all adults in the world. He sent a spell through Earth, sending all adults to an alternate dimension--leaving the children alone on Earth.

The Justice League Unlimited struck a deal with Morgaine--a deal which turned them into children, allowing them to return to Mordred's world and ultimately defeat him. While unsuccessful at first, by merely taunting Mordred as children do, they were able to trick him into turning himself into a man, thus banishing himself to the dimension he trapped the adults in. By doing this, Mordred's spell for keeping Mordred young was broken--he was instead forced to age as a normal human would, but he would remain immortal.

Morgaine le Fey is currently taking care of her elderly son in their castle.

For information on Morgaine le Fey and Mordred, check out there Justice League Bio.

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