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Bios - Ace

Voiced By: Hynden Walch
First Appearance: "Epilogue"
Position: Dead

Bio: The new “leader” of the Royal Flush Gang, Ace comes from the very first gang. After Joker tried to use her mind-control ability for his own needs, Ace turned on him and eventually fled.

Ace created her own Royal Flush Gang. Unlike before, however, this Gang was nothing more than projections of Ace’s imagination. Her “thoughts” were real this time, however. She was set to have a massive aneurysm that would take out a few miles of the city, along with anyone inside that radius.

Batman agreed to “kill” Ace with a device Amanda Waller provided. Batman truly had no intention of killing Ace, however. He convinced Ace to let go of her imagination to save the lives of others. Batman sat with Ace until her death.

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