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Bios - The Royal Flush Gang

Voiced By:
Khary Payton as Ten
Greg Cipes as Jack
Scott Menville as King
Tara Strong as Queen
Hynden Walch as Ace
First Appearance: "Wild Card"
Position: Playing Card-Garbed Baddies

Bio: Formed when The Joker busted them out of a government "prison", this mutant-like gang came together and called themselves the Royal Flush Gang. Dressed up as playing cards, the Royal Flush Gang did the Joker's bidding, even the quiet Ace, until she realized that he was only using them, and didn't care a single thing about anything. Ace turned on Joker and caused him to go more insane than he already was--and the gang went off together again.

Individual Bios:

Ten - The muscle of the bunch, Ten is indestructible, and unlike Superman, he feels no pain. He is able to do everything Superman can, strength-wise, and almost defeated him.

Jack - The goof-off of the bunch, Jack has a Plastic-Man like power. He's able to go into any shape, twist, twirl, and wrap himself around any object and engulf anyone he wants to.

King - The supposed leader of the bunch (unless Queen has her say), King is able to produce balls of fire from his palms, making for one heckuva fiery deck of cards.

Queen - Snobbish, snooty and stuck-up would describe Queen. She's able to manipulate metal with the slightest thought and touch, so her punches pack quite a punch when reinforced with a metal glove.

Ace - The quiet one of the bunch, Ace has the ability to warp peoples minds, and even kill them if they're forced to stare into her eyes for too long of a time. She had a lonely childhood, as she made her parents go insane when she was just a baby. She's the most powerful of the bunch, but doesn't seem to care.

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