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Bios - Big Barda

Voiced By: Farrah Forke
First Appearance: "The Ties That Bind"
Position: New God; Wife to Mr. Miracle
Bio: Once a prisoner inside Granny Goodness’s X-Pit alongside her husband, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda was brainwashed into thinking she was a “worthless creature” until a much younger Mr. Miracle escaped the X-Pit and freed her.

Her only weapon is a bar that is able to fire massive concussion blasts into her opponents, or thrust her into objects if need be. On top of the weapon, she possesses great strength, enabling her to take down almost any wall or obstacle in her path.

Years later, Barda and Mr. Miracle returned to the X-Pit; they broke out Kalibak in exchange for a captured Oberon that Granny had been holding. A boom tube back to Earth to get J’onn to pose as Kalibak enabled them to get to Oberon in time before Granny’s machine diced him up.

Check out the Batman Beyond bio for Justice League Unlimited for more information on Big Barda.

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