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Bios - Task Force X

Voiced By:
Michael Rosenbaum as Deadshot
Adam Baldwin as Rick Flagg
Juliet Landau as Plastique
Donal Gibson as Captain Boomerang
Alan Rachins as Clock King
First Appearance: "Task Force X"
Position: Attack Squad
Bio: Task Force X is a mercenary group that aided Cadmus in it’s acquirement of the Annihilator, a mystical machine powered by anger and rage. For the mission, Rick Flagg, head of Task Force X, chose sharp shooter Deadshot, explosives expert Plastique, sure shot Captain Boomerang and tactical analyst Clock King, along with himself, to infiltrate the Justice League’s Watchtower. Their mission was a success, but ended with the loss of Plastique.

Rick Flagg: Leader of Task Force X and a patriot to his country.

Deadshot: A assassin-for-hire, Deadshot was about to meet his head on the electric chair when Flagg recruited him for his group. Deadshot’s previous exploits include the attempted murder of Aquaman, King of Atlantis and attempted murder of Batman, which were both foiled by the Justice League. Deadshot was freed from death row by Rick Flagg and was forced to join Task Force X or go back to the chair.

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Plastique: An explosives expert, Plastique has advanced knowledge of the intricacies and use of demolition weaponry. Despite her efforts in joining her teams on the transporter, Plastique was caught in an explosion of her own device when Deadshot detonated it from a distance so that they could get away with the Annihilator.

Captain Boomerang: Carrying various kinds of boomerangs, Captain Boomerang is able to infiltrate and destroy with expert precision.

Temple Fugate (aka, ‘The Clock King’): Fugate coordinated the Task Force’s mission inside the Watchtower, delivering up to the minute stats on the two teams inside the Watchtower and providing priceless tactical information.

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