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Bios - Temple Fugate / The Clock King

Voiced By: Alan Rachins
First Appearance: "The Clock King"
Position: Villain

Bio: Temple Fugate was a mild mannered legal clerk who worked in Gotham's District Court office. Fugate was an odd, lonely man who was obsessed with time and with being punctual. His every waking moment was pre-planned, on a "to do" list broken down into nano-seconds. When urged by a pre-mayor Hamilton Hill to take a coffee break, Fugate initially refused, as he did not want to ruin his schedule. After insistence by Hill, Fugate took the coffee break. During the break, everything that could go wrong does, as Fugate loses documents and is late for his court appointment. In return for being late, the Judge throws the case out and Fugate loses millions in his company. Fugate swore revenge on Hamilton Hill and later found out that Hill's firm was the plaintiff for the court date Fugate was late for.

Fugate's became the Clock King, using his keen knowledge of the element of time, he turns to a life of crime and revenge.

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