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Continue below to view abbreviated biographies for select characters from Legion of Super Heroes.

A teenaged Clark Kent, just discovering his super powers and his true heritage, finds himself whisked off to the future where he learns he is destined to be the greatest hero in the universe. Brought to the future by the Legion of Super Heroes, Clark assumes the mantle of Superman and decides to start training and exploring his abilities, beginning the journey to become the hero he is destined to be.

Lightning Lad
Eager and hot-headed, Lightning Lad is the unofficial leader of the team. Prone to fighting first and thinking later, he can come off as brash at first but is usually well intentioned. The lightning bolt scar on his right eye sometimes flashes brightly in times of battle. He is one of the founding members of the Legion and has a twin sister, Ayla, and an older brother, Mekt.

Saturn Girl
A Level-headed person with intense mental powers, Saturn Girl is another found member of the Legion. Able to fight when she needs to, she also has strong mental abilities - such as telekinesis, the power to mentally create an explosive force field, and the ability to go into a healing trance when unconscious.

Brainiac 5
The youngest and smartest Legionnaire with a robot body he can manipulate in various ways. Brainiac 5 is a robot who desires to be more human like his teammates, is ashamed of his ancestors, and fears what his people - the Coluans - would think of his yearning to be human.

Phantom Girl
Very devoted to the Legion, Phantom Girl's sarcastic attitude covers the fact that she gets a kick out of being with other kids like herself. Phantom Girl has a host of powers, including the ability to turn herself and other intangible and disrupt electrical systems. However, Phantom Girl's mother - the President of the United Planets - hopes to eventually draw her away from the Legion.

Bouncing Boy
The everyman of the group, Bouncing Boy rotates between being the second-in-command and leader of the Legion. Bouncing Boy has the ability to form in the shape of a giant destructive ball, able to knock over people or break through solid objects.

Triplicate Girl
Three times the trouble, Triplicate Girl has the ability to transform into three nearly identical selves. Each self is fully aware of the other and is capable of independent thought, though is also able to work in unison with the other selves. She also has strong martial arts skills, communication skills, and is a natural team member.

Timber Wolf
A loner who longers to be closer to people, he may look feral in appearance but he is anything but. Timber Wolf's real name is Brin Londo, and was trasnformed into a werewolf-like creature with enhanced speed, strength, agility, and senses the result of his father's experiments on him. He is sometimes unable to control himself and relies on his teammates to keep him in check.

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