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Legion of Super Heroes
#16 - Cry Wolf

Original Airdate - October 6th, 2007
After being convicted for a deadly attack on his father, Timber Wolf must escape Legion custody and track down the real assassin, while being both hunted and aided by various teammates. It's up to Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl to help Timber Wolf clear his name and discover the truth.

Written by J.M. DeMatteis
Directed by James Tucker
Mini-Review by Jack Frenzy
Media by The World's Finest



A nice change of pace, with touches from the classic Legion "Murder Most Foul" story.

My one gripe: they really went overboard with Cosmic Boy's character. Until Chameleon Boy nixed the idea, I was expecting Cos's relentlessness to be an act. His "apology" at the end should've been more sincere. I wonder if they were using him as a substitute for Marla Latham from "Murder Most Foul." As for Cosmic Boy, the way I see him is that he is the Legion's most responsible member. Maybe, it makes him a little obsessed with proper procedure at times, but when the rules force him to take a stand against a friend and teammate, he'll be quietly agonizing over whether he made the right decision. And if the decision proves a mistake, he'll be bending over backwards to make it up to the person involved.

That, I suppose, was what primarily bugged me about his characterization in the episode: he seemed to have no real regrets about convicting Timber Wolf. His apology sounded forced.

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