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Before Bruce Timm introduced us to the larger animated DC Universe, DC Comics gave us an alternate look at what that universe could have looked like. Taking cues from the regular DC Universe, Adventures in the DC Universe offered a unique look at what could have been.

Developing a solid cult following, Adventures in the DC Universe offered fans an animated interpretation of their favorite DC heroes, even incorporating current events of the mainstream comics into this series. This vastly opened up the world only peaked at in Superman Adventures and Batman & Robin Adventures and Batman: Gotham Adventures, both animated Batman comics published during the short life of Adventures in the DC Universe.

Readers of the series were able to enjoy animated interpretations of their favorite DC character years before Bruce Timm would finally bring them to the small screen under his pen in Justice League Unlimited. Unfortunately by doing this the entire comic's continuity would be rendered moot (to put it blunty), and considered an animated 'Elseworlds' series, akin to The Batman Adventures #25.

Despite that, these stories remain a refreshing look at an ambitious attempt to expand the animated DC Universe. With a strong devoted following, these stories give us the look of an animated universe just being born, an animated universe cut short, an animated universe that embraced DC fans and continuity like never before. If you think Bruce Timm was the first to give us a look at what the enormous world of the animated DC superheroes would look like, think again.

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