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Pro VS Con: Commissioner James Gordon

James Gordon ...

Commissioner of the Gotham City Police force, loving father, all- around decent guy. The type of man that makes you feel safe when walking through even the worse neighborhoods of this hulking metropolis.

You know, there has been so little written about him on the boards. Maybe we all take this character for granted. But, in tossing my thoughts around on this show, I realized that I have overlooked him too.

That is a real shame.

In lieu of a question posed about the "overrated" hype surrounding an episode entitled "OVER THE EDGE," I came to thinking about Jim : what he really means to me and the way I interpret him as a character within the BATMAN mythology. We talk all the time about overrating things on the show but, more times than not, totally forget the things that are most underrated.

James Gordon is one of the main staples of this show and mythology. He is, and will always be, one of the hearts to the legend that is BATMAN.

The relationship between the Dark Knight and the respected leader of the law in Gotham is, now, wholly famous. We look upon the two of them as an inseparable team. However, all the credit goes to the BATMAN.

What I am saying, in favor to the character Jim Gordon, is that one is ineffectual without the other. They seem (to me anyway) like the left and right sides of the same brain. BATMAN cannot survive without Gordon, and vice versa. They have together a bond that is never questioned, yet quietly respected. I always thought that BATMAN felt the real "hero" of Gotham City was this man, as frail as he's become, who deals with the stress of a crime-ridden city on a 24 hour basis.

Before BATMAN appeared on the streets Gordon was there, righting the wrongs laid down by the unjust, and bringing the law to places that thought there were no rules. His morals always dictated to him which way to turn ; and though often accused of pawning his responsibilities off to that "freak" vigilante, he used anything at his disposal to make the city he calls his home a better place.

James Gordon is one of the "true" heroes in the BATMAN mythology -- and a character that deserves, no, DEMANDS, as much respect and study as the title character does.

Gordon helped shape BATMAN into the incredible symbol of justice he is. Like Alfred Pennyworth, loyal butler and keeper of the faith to Bruce Wayne, Gordon has helped forge the values and the dignity this masked avenger of the good and righteous displays.

Always level-headed, Gordon chooses his words carefully, and studies all the consequences of any actions he may take in the future before acting on them.

Incapable of being bribed, truthful as the day is long, I see him as the model by which justice is judged. He sees the criminals of Gotham for what they are -- victims of circumstance -- and although he may be forced to put them away, he is never so pitiless to not see that reform is a possibility.

The BATMAN is his friend, he trusts him. However, Gordon also understands that sometimes the dark vigilante is his best and most surprising tool. He loves the caped crusader, but is never so dumb as to not think he has a mighty powerful ace in the deck to utilize when the outcome is more difficult to manuever than usual. Sometimes he has no choice but to bring in the Dark Knight, for he knows all too well that sometimes you have to play dirty pool with a cheating player.

Looking at the members of BATMAN's "Rogues Gallery" (The Joker, Two- Face, Bane, Poison Ivy, etc.), is it any wonder why Jim Gordon lights up the signal that will call in the best "extra" help he needs?

James Gordon is a thinking, moral, humane and persistant man. A man who does his job well and makes no apologies for the measures he has to take to achieve the level of fairness that he is most famous for.

I look at Jim Gordon and I see a great man. Someone who, even though thought of as "dependent" on help, goes the furthest distance to get the result he and the good people of Gotham deserve.

I love the character of Jim Gordon.

I just wanted to say something about him.

My thoughts on him seemed very strong day.

That's just my 2 cents!

(March 5, 2000)


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