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This section of the site will be dedicated to the writing talents of the webmasters and fans who contribute to this site. Below you'll see ranting, some comedy, and some editorials on debates that have plagued fans since the show's inception. If you want to submit to this site, just simply email us and we'll get something arranged.

If you wanna let off some steam about Batman, or Superman, Justice League, Young Justice, Teen Titans or perhaps a DC Comics animated feature? Trying to see the good side of a certain subject? Or do you just wanna gush about a certain subject? Well -- this is your section! In this section, we let anyone, willing to submit their works, express their point of view and arguments on a certain person, plot, or whatever else! These can range on just about any topic relating to this site, and the language can be PG-13 at the most, and accompanied by a warning if it gets...excessive. So, sit back, spill the beans, and see something from a different point of view.

Please note the material and opinions expressed are that solely of their author, and do not repsent or speak for any other entity.

Latest Content:

Joseph "Karkull" Davis
In the Shadow of the Bat: Remembering Superman: The Animated Series (2021)
Why So Reboot? The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 1 (2021)
Rebooting Gotham: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 2 (2021)
The Usual Suspects: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 3 (2021)
Bring on the Bad Guys: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 4 (2021)
A Gallery of Rogues: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 5 (2021)
The New Blood: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 6 (2022)
Everybody Loves a Clown: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 7 (2022)
We'll Always Have Gotham: The Possible Return of Batman: The Animated Series, Part 8 (2022)

Classic Material:
The Old Maid
Max Gibson Of Batman Beyond
Target Characters in Batman Beyond, Part 1
Target Characters in Batman Beyond, Part 2
The Cons of Batman Beyond
The Pros of Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond: The "Wayne & Terry" Show, Part 1
Batman Beyond: The "Wayne & Terry" Show, Part 2
Batman Beyond: The "Wayne & Terry" Show, Part 3
A Farewell Tribute to The New Batman/Superman Adventures
Property of Bat-Fans
Wertham's Ghost (Part 1)
Wertham's Ghost (Part 2)
An Eschatology of Barbara Gordon (Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six)

Jay Allman
Batman's End
Killing The Joker
A Defense For Paul Dini
Desert Island Batman

Alex Weitzman
The Blame Game: A Look at "Old Wounds" and the Dick-Bruce-Barbara Conflict
Frostbite - Victor Fries' Eternal Conflict

"Cortez Corner" Reviews
"A Bullet for Bullock"

Commissioner James Gordon by Joker2967
The Flash: Moving Forward or Standing Still? by S.C.B.
Beechen's Batman Beyond by aiwac


You want funny? Well, you may find it here. You may not. These little pieces of work are just jokes thrown together from the fans who frequent this site. Remember, none of the stuff you're going to read is actually true. It's just made up to make your somewhat meaningless day a bit more funny. If you find them funny? Awesome! If you don't find them funny then...well...whatever? Continue on below for more!

Warning: Some material in this section may contain language and content offensive to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Batman/Superman to Return to Kids'WB!
New Batman/Pokemon Shows announced!
Batman/Superman New Series Premise!

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