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Backstage - Animation Studios
Animation Studios are listed in production order of appearance.
Note: Koko and Dong Yang shared animation duties throughout the series.

Koko Enterprise Co., LTD. / Dong  Yang Animation Co., LTD.
Last Son of Krypton
Feeding Time
Stolen Memories
The Main Man: Part 1
The Main Man: Part 2
Tools of the Trade
Blasts From the Past: Part 1
Blasts From the Past: Part 2
Identity Crisis
Double Dose
Brave New Metropolis
Monkey Fun
Father's Day
Hand of Fate
Warrior Queen
Apokolips...Now!, Part 1
Apokolips...Now!, Part 2
Little Girl Lost: Part 1
Little Girl Lost: Part 2
Where There's Smoke
Knight Time
New Kids In Town
Absolute Power
In Brightest Day...
The Demon Reborn
Legacy, Part 1
Legacy, Part 2
TMS-Kyokuichi Corporation
Fun and Games
A Little Piece of Home
The Way of All Flesh
My Girl
Two's A Crowd
The Prometheon
Speed Demons
Action Figures
Solar Power
Ghost in the Machine
World's Finest
Bizarro's World
The Late Mr. Kent
Heavy Metal

T.A.C. Co., LTD., Jade Animation
Little Big Head Man
Superman's Pal
A Fish Story

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