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The timeless hero shines in his struggle for "Truth, Justice and the American Way." Set in present-day Metropolis against the backdrop of a bright, urban landscape, the ageless superhero combats sinister villains and rescues innocent victims in exciting new stories based on universal themes encompassing the time-honored traditions of the classic Superman legend.

Rocketed to earth by his parents Jor-El and Lara when a cataclysmic explosion obliterates their planet, Krypton, baby Kal-El is raised as Clark Kent by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, U.S.A. As a teenager, Clark discovers and hones his "super" powers, forges a close friendship with his female confidant Lana Lang (who gradually becomes aware of his true identity), obtains a job at the Daily Planet and grows into a mild-mannered, yet hard-hitting crime reporter.

Clark's "mortal" life revolves around his work and friendships at the Daily Planet, including such renowned colleagues as Lois Lane, the savvy, quick-witted, imaginative and courageous ace reporter. Lane is quite skeptical of Superman's powers and is determined to uncover the mysterious legend. Rounding out Clark's Daily Planet "family" are: Perry White, the Daily Planet's managing editor, Jimmy Olsen, a budding young photographer and one of Clark's (as well as Superman's), most loyal pals, and Angela Chen, a stunningly beautiful gossip columnist for the newspaper as well as the "on-camera" hostess for "Metropolis Today."

True to the legend, if exposed to Kryptonite, Superman instantly weakens and prolonged exposure to it could, quite possibly, cause his death. Superman also has no power over magic -- he is susceptible to mystic spells like mortals. Kryptonite and magic aside, Superman is "equipped" to handle anything else. In addition to his extraordinary superpowers, this animated series outfits the "man of steel" with special "exoskeleton supersuits" which help him function in hazardous situations -- a space suit, allowing him to breathe in outer space and fly faster than the speed of light and an underwater suit for prolonged periods of time on the ocean floor.

Superman faces some of his most villainous foes ever in this series, including: Lex Luthor, Metropolis' megalomaniacial "ruler," and Superman's evil clone, Bizarro. Other antagonists are Jax-Ur and Mala who escaped from Krypton's Phantom Zone. A dimension for holding Krypton's worst criminals in a state between life and death. These adversaries have but one goal -- to eliminate Superman from the planet.

"Superman" is produced and animated by Warner Bros. Television Animation, under the creative supervision of producers Alan Burnett, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

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