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Bios - The Female Furies

Voiced By: Diane Delano (Stompa); Andrea Martin (Mad Harriet); Diane Michelle (Lashina)
First Appearance: "Little Girl Lost"
Position: Enemies, Female Furies Members

Bio: Lashina is one of Granny Goodness Female Furies. She first served with the Earth's Suicide Squad, and was killed in action, but Darkseid brought her back from the dead and placed her in the service of Granny Goodness, who trained her as a Fury. A master of the flexible steel bands, known as "lashes". Lashina is a fierce fighter and the most powerful member of the group.

While Superman was brainwashed by Darkseid, he and Lashina were lovers. When the brainwashing wore off, so did any feelings Superman had for Lashina. Lashina admits to just using Superman as a "boy toy".

Mad Harriet is a true psychopath among the Female Furies, who delightson inflicting pain with her power slaying spikes. She is a loyal subject to her commander, Granny Goodness, and a servant to her lord and master, Darkseid.

Stompa is another member of the Female Furies. She is a behemoth of a woman whose heavy matter boots can crush nearly anything in her path, perhaps even the Man of Steel, Superman.

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