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Bios - Brain Trust

Voiced By:
John Rhys Davies as Edgar
Taylor Gifaldi as Amp
Kate Jackson as Bombshell
Phil LaMarr as Schiz
Francesca Marie Smith as Transita
First Appearance: "Mind Games" (Batman Beyond); "Ro's Gift" (The Zeta Project)
Position: In Jail

Bio: After a deadly encounter with Batman, the Brain Trust went low-profile and recruited only a few new members. In their haste in finding new members, however, they captured Ro, thinking that she had the ability to talk to machines (when, in reality, it was Zeta who they had seen in action, disguised as Ro).

Zeta eventually stopped the Brain Trust and the other children they captured were sent home to their families.


Edgar, the leader of the group, is able to move things with his mind.

Bombshell has the ability to create bombs out of the palm of her hand.

Amp is able to connect to others minds and fire energy from his eyes.

Transita and Schiz are the two children that the Brain Trust capture. Transita had the ability to transport items through portals, whereas Schiz could move items with his mind.

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