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Crime Waves

Episode #009 (385-539) - Crime Waves
Original Airdate - April 14th, 2001

When Wade, a spoiled Malibu rich kid, is kidnapped, Zee and Ro discover that they are the prime suspects. The pair must take on the role of detective, in order to uncover the real culprit and save the day.

Originally titled "The Beach."

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Bird Boy

Early 21st Century Artifacts
Ro: So? It's a pile of paper.
Zee: Actually, it's what they called "money." It's also known as "bread," "dough," "moola," "green stuff," "samolia"...
Ro: Dang! Lotta names!
Zee: I guess they liked it. 
Supervising Producer Alan Burnett
Producer Robert Goodman, Liz Holzman
Story by Kevin Hopps
Teleplay by Kevin Hopps, Rich Fogel
Directed by Bob Doucette
Music by Lolita Ritmanis
Animation Services by Koko Enterprise Co., LTD.

Diedrich Bader as Zeta / Zee
Julie Nathanson as Ro
Chad Lowe as Wade Pennington
Adam Baldwin as Sven
Grey Delisle as Newscaster
Tom Kenny as Bogg
Armando Valuez Kennedy as Pudge
Garland Whitt as Nub

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This would definitely rank amongst the more boring episodes of The Zeta Project. It served no purpose in the overall story and was just another “side quest” for Zeta and Ro. Instead of another rousing chase, we got a tale about an annoying spoiled rich kid and his fed-up body guard who ends up kidnapping him and demanding a ransom. Once the ransom is delivered, he planned on killing the kid anyway.

I think this may very well be one of the shortest reviews I’ve ever written; there is really just nothing to say about this episode. Animation was sub-par, the characters were annoying and pretty much jack squat, aside from seeing Zee and Ro in new outfits, happened.
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