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The Wrong Morph

Episode #023 (385-630) - The Wrong Morph
Original Airdate - Nov. 23, 2002 (Canada, YTV); Never Aired in US

When Zee morphs into Kevin, a wheelchair-bound teen, he accidentally implicates the boy in the commission of a crime. Zee and Ro struggle to clear Kevin's name, without exposing Zee's own identity.

Media by Borg4of3
Review by Bird Boy
Producer Liz Holzman, Robert Goodman
Associate Producer Haven Alexander
Written by David Benullo
Directed by Curt Geda
Music by Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis
Animation Services provided by Dong Woo Animation

Diedrich Bader as Zeta / Zee
Julie Nathanson as Ro
Richard Libertini as Dr. Myrell
Nicholas Guest as Jacobs
Jeffrey Jones as Detective Marcus
Peter Onorati as Blake
Gabrielle Carteris as Female Tour Guide
Eliza Schneider as Jenny
Wil Wheaton as Kevin
Jose Yenque as Security Guard

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This was yet another pointless episode (in the place of the overall storyline, that is), but unlike past season one random romps (“Crime Waves”), this one was actually enjoyable to watch. A disabled kid, named Kevin (voiced by Wil Wheaton), is framed for stealing a device that allows him to walk. The person the security guard really saw, however, was Zeta and Ro in disguise as Kevin, while breaking into a lab to search for data.

The story is rather intriguing and the action is excellent. The rooftop chase between Blake and Zeta felt like nothing else you saw in The Zeta Project previously. It took place completely at night, it was active and lots of action interspersed between the flying punches. If nothing else, check out the episode for the rooftop tango—it’s awesome.

In addition to being a fun episode, it’s also the second The Zeta Project episode to never air in the United States. I assume it was because it wasn’t an “essential” episode to the series and Kids WB! was cutting it’s run off. It’s much better we got to see "The Hologram Man", believe me. Still, it’s a shame fans in the United States couldn’t see all of the show.
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