Have you ever wondered what happened after The New Batman Adventures? Have you ever wondered about some of the events that took place before Batman Beyond? We here at Batman: Dark Knight Adventures give you our take. It is what we wish some of the official adventures comics would have dealt with. We always strive to keep it realistically in correct continuity with your favorite animated series.

We also take our name seriously. Many fans have expressed how they miss the darkness that Batman: The Animated Series had. Our book gives this back to you. We strive for good character development and stories that have strong, often dark, depth. We aim at a 10 page length to all of our issues, 6 pages as a minimum. We have often gone far above this, a couple issues having nearly 20 pages. In case you've missed some issues along the way, we now offer Dark Knight Adventures eNote. This is a free service that emails you every time we post a new issue online. Click here for more information on this risk free service.

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August 2013
The Dark Knight Adventures 10th Anniversary Special "Enlightenment"

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