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Available on the Batman: Year One Home Video Release

Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date: October 18th, 2010

This entry to the growing canon of DC Universe animated shorts features the first first solo tale centered around Catwoman. The felonious feline’s adventure takes her through the seedy streets of Gotham City.

Catwoman Animated Short Review
by James Harvey

Catwoman takes center stage in this tantalizing DC Showcase animated short included on the home video release of Batman: Year One, and what it may lack in substance it makes up for in style. Actually, the story usually takes a complete back seat in order to show off some over-the-top action or an insane amount of skin. The plot is simple: After saving a cat with a familiar looking collar, Catwoman goes after a crime lord in search of answers. As you can image, and given the lack of ratings or television censors, the sexuality is amped up considerably for this little adventure.

Eliza Dushku is excellent as Catwoman. She’s able to bring a fierce sexuality to the character without it becoming over-the-top. Yes, there are moments where it gets somewhat embarrassing with just how far this film goes with the sexual content, but Dushku is able to keep her character’s voice in check. Dushku seems to be having a ball. I can’t help but notice how many different characters John DiMaggio – who also voices the main antagonist Rough Cut – voiced in this sort. You’ll notice – trust me.

It’s a fairly straightforward story, though credit needs to be given to Director Lauren Montgomery. The action sequences, specifically an excellent chase scene, are inventive and very enjoyable. Montgomery seems to handle the camera with ease as we weave through traffic with Catwoman trying to catch her prey. Bullets fly and cars crash in this breath-taking highlight to the 15-minute short. However, I am surprised at how shameless some of the more sexual elements of the short are, especially a rather extended number with a dancer’s striptease (and Catwoman actually stripping herself to get to get some answers). It seems really excessive at times and eats up a sizeable chunk of the short’s running time. I’m sure some will be titillated with it, sure, but it just seems to drag. I also couldn't help but notice that the short abandons the comic-shop opening sequence found in the other shorts.

Overall, a fun short, but it falls short of DC Showcase: Jonah Hex or DC Showcase: Green Arrow as being truly memorable. Montogomery and Writer Paul Dini bring us a sexy trip to Gotham with Catwoman as the star, but sadly, there’s little reason to swing by for another visit.

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