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Bios - Warren and Mary McGinnis

First Appearance: "Epilogue"
Position: Dead (Warren); Mother (Mary)
Bio: Terry McGinnis found out one of the biggest secrets of his life: he was genetically Bruce Wayne’s son.

When his parents were young, Amanda Waller initiated what she called project “Batman Beyond.” She claimed the world needed a Batman and as she saw Batman getting older and slower, she realized he wouldn’t last forever. She chose a New Gotham couple with the psychological profiles identical to Bruce Wayne’s parents: Warren and Mary McGinnis. Injecting the father with nanintes programmed to rewrite his DNA with Bruce’s, the couple later gave birth to two sons—both sharing Bruce Wayne’s genetic make-up and their mothers.

Amanda Waller hired the assassin Phantasm to kill Terry McGinnis’s parents in front of him, essentially recreating the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The killer, however, wouldn’t do it. She refused to kill the child's parents. Terry eventually found out all of this from Amanda Waller herself. When one of Bruce’s kidney failed and they needed a donor to clone him new ones, Terry turned out to be a perfect hysto-compatibility.

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